Monday, March 17, 2008


Welcome a board to the Aviator Express Charter Blog.
We offer you an Executive Aircraft Charter Service located conveniently in Executive Airport Fort Lauderdale, FL or any other airport at your convenience.

Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day to provide on-demand, cost effective flight, and make all of the necessary arrangements for your flight (even a visa if needed).

Aviator Express #1 goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by sharing the company experience, and provide a fast, friendly and reliable service.

Our friendly staff is trained to serve our customers from the first telephone “hand shake” till they land.

Mrs. Vivi Davidoff , CEO and the company founder and its main share holder.
She began her aviation experience as student pilot in 1999 and was graduated as commercial multi engine instrument rating pilot.

With her flying and business experience, Vivi managed to combine the unique customer service, complying with the individual needs. This special niche of flight services place Aviator Express as a leader in its market.

Our Services
Our main activity and prime destinations are in the Bahamas, Caribbean as well as the state of Florida.

As a leader in its market, we are providing services to destinations all over the US and the Golf of Mexico using a fleet of various jets assigned for the flight purpose and mission.

In this competitive market we realized that a good in-flight service is not enough. And therefore a lot of efforts are made to study every individual customer needs.

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